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Convenient one-half-, one-, two-, or three-day onsite or online courses…

  • Onsite courses can be scheduled to meet your needs… Require a minimum of three attendees, with a maximum of 20.
  • Online courses are open enrollment (but can be run as remote "onsites" for one company)... They're full courses but less expensive than traditional courses, have no travel expenses other than the cost of a phone call, and are less likely to be cancelled due to low enrollment.

The table below lists scheduled courses.  Follow the links in the list below the table for course outlines.  Contact Hyper/Word Services for setup and pricing information.

ViziApps - Introduction Online TBD
RoboHelp 11 CSS (also 10) Online TBD
RoboHelp Mobile: Multiscreen HTML5 Outputs Online TBD
Structured and Topic-Based Authoring Online TBD
RoboHelp 11 (also 10, 9) Online TBD
Mobile Output With Flare Online TBD
Flare Online Contact H/WS


Burlington, MA Contact H/WS
Flare Control File Setup Online TBD
Flare Advanced - CSS Online TBD
Flare Advanced - Single Sourcing Online Contact H/WS

Course Outlines



Why waste time and money repeating someone else's mistakes? Hyper/Word Services has 35 years experience in technical writing, with 29 years in online information. Put that (occasionally painful) experience to work to help you:

  • Convert old WinHelp projects to HTML or XHTML
  • Migrate between RoboHelp and Flare
  • Use RoboHelp and Flare more efficiently
  • Create movies and simulations using Captivate and Mimic
  • Define development standards
  • Adopt structured information, single sourcing, multi-channel publishing
  • Go mobile - apps, mobile sites, eBooks.


Hyper/Word Services can help you create the standard, context-sensitive help systems that make up so much of your workload.

We can also create advanced works like online books, virtual books and libraries, and multimedia, and convert Windows Help files to HTML and HTML-based Help systems.

And, if you're not sure how your online material should look or work, we can quickly produce prototypes to help you test documentation structure, interface effectiveness, and conversions.

In a nutshell, Hyper/Word Services can create online and help and documentation for Windows, other platforms, and handhelds:

  • Mobile apps, and help for mobile apps
  • Prototypes
  • Context-sensitive help and online manuals
  • Virtual books and libraries
  • Performance support systems
  • Desktop multimedia
  • Online policy and procedure documents
  • Integrated help/reference systems
  • Captivate movies