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This page lists Hyper/Word Services white papers available for downloading, plus links to sites that I find useful for technical communication or other subjects. These items will be updated periodically.


  • A discussion with Tom Johnson about the trend toward mobile output and its use in technical communication. Recorded at the 2010 STC Summit in Dallas, TX. (May 2010.)


White Papers

  • "Lightning Talk on Mobile for STC 2011" - Introduces four major management aspects of mobile - why use mobile, how to create it (the difference between ebooks, mobile-optimized (or not optimized) web sites, and native apps), how to create it, and how to plan for it. (Delivered in 5 minutes at the STC 2011 annual conference.)
  • "Using Styles in MadCap Flare 6" - Introduces styles and style sheets in general and style sheets in Flare 6 specifically (and, to a degree, earlier versions). Click this link to download this white paper. (April 2010.)

    This white paper also refers to a style sheet called hyperword.css. You can download this style sheet to use as you practice working with style sheets or even to use in a real project. Click this link to download this style sheet. (April 2010.)
  • "Branching in Adobe Captivate 4" - Introduces the concept of branching in "movies" created using Adobe Captivate (or similar tools like TechSmith Camtasia and MadCap Mimic), and discusses the branching features in Captivate 4. Click this link to download this white paper. (April 2010.)

Miscellaneous Links

  • Keepsake Funerals web site.  This is the web site of my wife Connie Perlin, a certified Funeral Celebrant. As a funeral celebrant, she works with families to provide personalized funeral and memorial services that give honor and tribute to the one who has died. For Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire. We will all need this sooner or later.