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Other Nice Things from Past Clients



"You are always such a great presenter – full of great information and so much fun to listen to."

Liz Fraley, TC Dojo

Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc.


“I got a lot out of it, as I always do when Neil is the presenter.”

(“Flare as a CMS” webinar)

David Calloway


“Thanks so much for Saturday’s class. It was terrific.” (Workshop on mobile for OC STC)

Pam Coca, Compressus



"It was a great (Flare) class and... you took the impending hurricane in stride... We all believed the class was wonderful and your pace was perfect..."

Jennifer Hebra, MSN, RN, MBA

Magnet Program Coordinator

Roper Hospital



"He's an excellent communicator and educator. I've been fortunate enough to attend a number of Neil's seminars and I've always walked away from them with something new and interesting to try."

Patrick Calnan

N-able Technologies


"I always walk away from Neil's presentation having learned something and having been challenged."

Deb Lockwood

CSG Systems

Re a presentation to the Rocky Mountain chapter of STC.


"Actually, this makes perfect sense.  God help me."

Jerry Franklin


Re a discussion about using character styles in place of local formatting.


"You are the cat's meow...  This was the solution."

Deb Igleski




"Neil has a gift for making frightening (technical) stuff feel a lot safer!   Great job!"

Sharon Garrity



"Good overview of XHTML.  Nothing I've read has been clear on the difference between XHTML and HTML.  Your explanation was concise and understandable."

Anonymous from the 2006 STC conference.

(Please contact me so that I can thank you and credit you.)



"Neil... made the (RoboHelp) seminar fun and easy to understand.  The instructions are wonderfully written and easy to follow."

Cheryl Kuzik

Technical Writer

City of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



"As usual, Neil was well prepared, thoroughly knowledgeable on the topic (creating WebHelp with RoboHelp HTML X5), and maintained a well-paced class.  Excellent!"

Joanne Lentz

Documentation Manager

National Board of Medical Examiners

Philadelphia, PA



"Neil did a great job answering all our questions.  I appreciate the thorough answers that usually started with 'It depends...'"

Kathy Pappas

Waters Corp.

Milford, MA


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