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Introduction to ViziApps - Start Creating Mobile Apps With No Coding


After a decade of false starts, mobile is finally taking off. If you're in technical communication and use tools like Flare or RoboHelp, you can convert online help or doc files to run on mobile devices pretty easily. But what if you're not in technical communication, or need “true” mobile apps? Perfectly do-able – witness the thousands of apps for iPhones and Android devices – but it calls for far greater technical skills. Until now…


ViziApps offers a visual app development tool that does the coding for you. No Eclipse IDE, no MIME types, Java, Objective C, SDKs, or other programming elements. Instead, you can create native apps visually using familiar skills like drag and drop, with robust back-end data management across the Internet. The concepts will be new but the mechanics will be familiar. And the benefits...

  • No code – Create apps without worrying about having to work in code as a non-programmer.
  • Native Apps – Create apps that use key on-device resources, including GPS, camera, audio, calendar, and more.
  • Hybrid Apps – Create apps that combine the on-device-resource availability of native apps with the browser-based display flexibility of web apps. The "next big thing" in mobile.

  • Rapid development – Create apps in days, not weeks, to quickly respond to business needs. Then, quickly modify them for changing business needs and in response to user feedback.


  • Simple data management – Use Google Docs spreadsheets as data repositories for many robust business apps. (If you've ever used Excel, you're off to a good start on data management.) And ViziApps supports web services and SQL databases for more complex data management.


  • Low overall cost – Avoid custom development costs that often run to tens of thousands of dollars.


  • No huge upfront investment - Low development costs and provisioning directly to the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.


  • Quick to learn – Learn basic app development using ViziApps in a day and a half.

This day and a half, hands-on course is aimed at technical communicators and at non-technical business people (sales, marketing, operations, HR, etc.) who want to create mobile apps to extend traditional documentation or enable business operations outside the office. Past experience creating online help is helpful but not necessary. The only requirements are broadband web access and either an iPhone 4 or an Android phone running Android 2.2.




Basic Terms
App Design Basics - Goals, Design, Flow, Usability, Programmatic Standards
Paper Prototyping
Page and Page Elements

Overview of the Development Process

Creating Pages

Adding Page Elements

Creating the Database

Data Handling Options in ViziApps

      Web services.

      Database – MySql, SqlServer, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, and TeraData.

      Google Docs/Google Drive Spreadsheets

Connecting the App to the Data

Insert Into

Select From

Delete From
More Neat Features
Hidden Fields

Web Views


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